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General Medicine

Bolile lizozomale: de la diagnostic la tratament - Conf.Dr. Catalin Csep

Modern methods of diagnosis in abdominal pathology to children - Conf. Dr.Marginean Oana

Current issues in infectious diseases – Sef lucr. Carmen Chiriac

Basic Life Support - Conf. Univ. Dr. Cristian Boieriu

Lentile de contact terapeutice – Prof. dr. Adriana Stanila

Noutati in tratamentul ulcerului duodenal – Prof.dr. Bataga Simona

Theoretical and practical approaches to the therapy of chronic pain modalities with particular reference to osteoarrthritic and neuropathic pain - Prof.Dr.Ranai Andras

Beyond the numbers: How to read a medical paper - Conf. Dr. Puscasiu Lucian

Roles of calcium in cell - Prof. Univ. Stefan Hobai

Urgente pedi chirurgicale cardiovasculare - Conf. Dr. Horatiu Suciu

Medicine in a modern version - Prof. Univ. Dr. Ioan Nicolaescu

Implantable electric cardiac devices - Univ. Assist. Ionel Vita


Late complications of dental implants Treatment - Lecturer Petrovan Cecilia, DMD; Dr. Med. Sasarman Ionut
Using poles implanting prosthetic restoration of edentulous jaws has become routine in developed countries with dentistry, the latest statistics (2009) revealing the figure of 8 million implants inserted annually - the official figure.
Especially long-term studies over the last 10 years have clearly shown the incidence of late complications of implant treatment, so we will waiting for the next year a true “tsunami” of late complications of implant treatment.
The objectives of this presentation is to define these complications (infection periimplantary, technical complications or aesthetic) and present their incidence of recent studies documented long-term and large number of patients.
Accurate assessment of patients, determining the appropriate indications of surgical treatment and prosthetics, prosthetic achieve flawless work and patient dispensary permit early diagnosis and treatment of complications, thus avoiding many conflicts that may occur as exempting medical practitioner or harm the image of financial claims.
Keywords: implantation failure, late complications, peri-implant infections, prosthetic complications, aesthetic complications, prevent complications, early treatment of complications.

Dental care in children after cancer therapy: role of paediatric dentist - Lecturer Dr. Bica Cristina
Childhood neoplasias have become increasingly important in recent years in the ambit of paediatric medicine. This phenomenon has been accompanied by a spectacular improvement in the treatment of childhood cancer and long-term survival rates. The multidisciplinary approach of the children with malignancies implies a team formed from a paediatrician oncologist, pathologist, haematologist, radiologist, paediatric dentist, surgeon, nutritionist and psychologist for the growth of life’s quality and the prevention of these children’s suffering.
Among possible secondary effects are oral manifestations of a chronic or acute nature which may cause great discomfort.
Acute complications from chemotherapy and radiotherapy include oral bleeding, dentinal hypersensitivity, xerostomia and opportunistic infections (viral, fungal and bacterial). These aspects are more frequent in situations where caries, gingivitis and poor oral hygiene are already a problem.
Long-term complications of radiotherapy, also associated with chemotherapy, include dental caries, fungal infections and dental developmental problems: dental agenesia, microdontics, tooth enamel defects, premature loss of primary teeth, delayed eruption.
Oral complications and dental sequels in children treated for different neoplasias are influenced by the type of treatment undertaken (chemotherapy and/or radiotherapy in the maxillo-facial area) and the age of the patient.

Occlusal appliances - why, when and how? - Prof. Dr. Popsor Sorin
Occlusal devices have been regarded as a diagnostic or treatment tool for various entities of craniomandibular disorders. There are many types of such appliances, some with special aims.The purpose of this presentation is to make a review on the treatment with occlusal interceptives in order to offer to students and practitioners a guide from the proper technique for making impressions to the designs and uses for some of the more common types of occlusal appliances. Describing the basic principles of occlusal splint therapy, answers are provided to some questions : what is the occlusal therapy, what types of interceptives are available, how the occlusal appliances work, wich type of occlusal appliances should be used and when, how often should splints be adjusted?


Recreational drugs - Conf. Univ. Dr. Camil Vari
The aim of this paper was to study the issue of trafficked substances obtained from pharmacies. These substances do not undergo special legal restrictions and are being used as recreational drugs for their hallucinogenic effect or for chemical submission.
They are therapeutically used for other purposes. The illegitimate use is usually due to disrespect of legal regime for drug liberation by medical prescription in pharmacies.

Food packaging and health - Sef Lucr. Dr. Mircea Croitoru
The purpose of this lecture is to inform those interested in a healthy alimentation, about some compounds with toxic potential which may be present in food packaging.
Many compounds were formerly considered as inert. But plastic materials, for example, were proven to be sources of food contamination.
These plastic materials can release especially the plasticizers used in the production step, but also some monomers left unreacted after the polymerization process.
The toxic effects of these compounds observed on laboratory animals range from a pseudo-estrogenic effect to a carcinogenic one.
Because of the significant differences between species regarding toxicity, it is hard to estimate a daily intake of these compounds which does not present risks. Even though accepted daily intakes are established by WHO, it is very hard for consumers to be certain that they do not exceed these limits.


General Medicine

The practical value of molecular biology in diagnisis tratment and prognosis of malignant tumors - Asist. Univ. Simona Gurzu

Tehnici de eco-cardiografie – Conf.dr. Mihaela Opris

Neurosurgery between myth and reality

Examinarea locala a genunchiului si metode terapeutice intraarticulare

Basic Life Support - Conf. Univ. Dr. Cristian Boieriu

Tehnici si suturi chirurgicale

Physiology of myocardial ischemic preconditioning demonstrated on a Langendorf perfused rat heart

Povestea terapeutica (expresie verbala) componenta a terapiilor ocupationale – Sef lucrari Pasca Maria

Elemente de autocunoastere si autoevaluare – Sef lucrari Pasca Maria

Sanatate sau sport, sport sau sanatate - NovaVita

Transplant de organe - Prof. Univ. Dr. Copotoiu Sanda


Rubber dam placement - complete control over moisture

Suturing techniques used in Dental Medicine – Assoc. Prof. Monea Pop Monica, DMD, PhD; Teach. Assist. Torcatoru Anca, DDS, PhDc

First Aid and CPR Training for Dentists - SMURD workshop - Dr.Turucz Emilia


Concurs - "Comunicarea cu pacientul"

Concurs - "Aptitudini clinice"

Concurs de chimie
Obiectiv - verificarea notiunilor de baza de chimie cu aplicatii in stiintele farmaceutice
Proba de concurs - test scris cuprinzand aplicatii numerice

Manuale si notite de curs de chimie organica, chimie generala, chimie analitica, chimie fizica