Meals and accommodation

If you are in need of accommodation and a convenient solution for meals, we offer you the following packages:

Accommodation in a Single Room, for  4 nights with the Breakfast included  at the cost of 520 RON (110 Euro);
Accommodation in a Double Room, for 4 nights with the Breakfast included at the cost of 380 RON (81 Euro) – per one person.



You will accommodate at the Grand Hotel and the meals will be served at the hotel (the breakfast) and at the University Restaurant, in the university’s campus.


Lunch Package - You can have a lunch near the Congress Venue every congress day for 60 Lei (13 Euro)


Make sure you check this option when you register to our website!

For further information or any questions please contact the Vicepresident of the Congress on the Organzing Comittee Page from our website!