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General Informations

You can register to our congress by clicking the REGISTER Button on the right corner of our website. After filling all the details requested, you will receive a confirmation e-mail and, by clicking on the link found in the e-mail, your account will be confirmed and your registration will be completed.

We offer you a variety of packages where you can choose for:

  • Active Participant
  • Passive Participant
  • Web only Passive Participant
  • Coauthor

For this year's online edition, we offer the following packages:

  • Actipe Participant
  • Passive Participant
  • Web only Passive Participant
  • EMC Points Registration (For Medical Doctors)
  • For further details of our packages you can select FEES Page from Information Tab on our website, where you will be able to find the description and the prices for each one. 

    Domains of activity – you can submit your paper(s) in one of the following domains:

    For oral presentation:

    • Basic Medical Science
    • Clinical - Medical
    • Clinical - Surgical
    • Nutrition and Dietetics
    • Physiotherapy
    • Physical Education
    • Nursing
    • Dental Medicine – Preclinical
    • Dental Medicine – Clinical
    • Pharmacy

    For poster presentation:

    • Surgical - Medicine
    • Non-Surgical - Medicine
    • Pharmacy
    • Dental Medicine

    First of all, you must know that only the Active Participants can submit a paper as FIRST AUTHOR. After the registration on our website, you must login on our platform to see all your details. 

    All Active Participants can submit scientific paper included in the participation tax. Maximum of papers submitted by an Active Participant as First Author is 2 for our congress.

    Every paper can have:

    • 1 First Author
    • 1-4 Coauthors
    • 1-2 Coordinators

    For selecting your coauthors, all of them must be registered on our website as:

    • Active Participant – if they are participants in our congress.
    • Coauthor – if they do not participate in our congress– for this category of registration, there is no tax.

    For our congress as an Active Participant you can have:

    • 1 Paper as First Author + Maximum 3 Papers as Coauthor
    • 2 Papers as First Author + Maximum 2 Papers as Coauthor
    • 0 Papers as First Author + Maximum 4 Papers as Coauthor

    As coauthor you can have a maximum of 4 papers.

    Structure of the paper

    The standard structure of the papers must contain:

    • Background
    • Objectives
    • Material and Method
    • Results
    • Conclusions
    • 3-5 Key Words

    Remember that you can write a maximum of 300 words for your paper. Our platform will not let you to submit your abstract if it exceeds 300 words. Remember that only the structure elements of your paper are counted.

    Our congress offers two types of validation for your paper, in the following order:

    Scientific Commission Review – a commission of doctors and teachers from our university will blind review your paper. Once the paper is reviewed, you will receive an e-mail in which you will find the status of your paper:

    • Accepted by the Scientific Commission – your paper is validated by the Scientific Commission and your paper will go to the next process.
    • Minor Revision – your paper must be revised and you have 24 hours since you have received the e-mail to do so, according to the reviewer comments found in the e-mail and resend it.
    • Rejected by the Scientific Commission – your paper has been rejected and it won’t go forward to the next step. You will find attached in the email the reason(s) why it was rejected.
      The plagiarism review – all the validated papers at the previous step must pass

    The Plagiarism Detector Software provided by the University of Medicine and Pharmacy Tîrgu Mureș. ATTENTION! Any paper found as plagiarism will be rejected from the congress and we will notify not only the participant of this, but also and his or her university as well. For this step, you must verify our website – VALIDATED Papers Tab - so you can find that your paper was accepted for presentation and publication (Green Color) or not (Red Color).

    If you want to have any further information, please contact the Scientific Department (Organizing Committee Page from our website). 

    During the submission of your paper, you can choose between ORAL PRESENTATION and POSTER PRESENTATION.

    Important! Case presentations are eligible only for POSTER PRESENTATION.

    Oral Presentation:

    Your presentation must be in .ppt format. Any other format is not accepted. You must upload your presentation file in .ppt format.

    • Basic Medical Science: presentation 5-7 minutes + 2 minutes questions
    • Clinical - Medical: presentation 5-7 minutes + 2 minutes questions
    • Clinical - Surgical: presentation 5-7 minutes + 2 minutes questions
    • Nutrition and Dietetics: presentation 5-7 minutes + 2 minutes questions 
    • Physiotherapy: presentation 5-7 minutes + 2 minutes questions 
    • Physical Education: presentation 5-7 minutes + 2 minutes questions 
    • Nursing and midwifery: presentation 5-7 minutes + 2 minutes questions 
    • Preclinical - Dental Medicine: presentation 5-7 minutes + 2 minutes questions 
    • Clinical - Dental Medicine: presentation 5-7 minutes + 2 minutes questions
    • Fundamental Science - Pharmacy: presentation 5-7 minutes + 2 minutes questions 
    • Pharmaceutical Sciences - Pharmacy: presentation 5-7 minutes + 2 minutes questions 
    • Technological Sciences - Engineering: presentation 5-7 minutes + 2 minutes questions 
    • Technological Sciences - Medical: presentation 5-7 minutes + 2 minutes questions 
    • Socio-Human Sciences: presentation 5-7 minutes + 2 minutes questions 
    • Military Medicine: presentation 5-7 minutes + 2 minutes questions 
    • Military: presentation 5-7 minutes + 2 minutes questions 

    Poster Presentation: 

    Submission of the abstract - The abstract will be submitted in summary form, like any abstract submitted to the Congress. In the specifications field you will write “Poster Section”

    Paper Theme - The paper can approach any theme accepted in the Congress, as in the case of those presented orally. Case presentation may also be approached as a theme for the paper.

    Format of the poster -

    The poster must be in .Jpg format and 4K format (2160x3840 - PORTRAIT orientation) 

    You can download a poster template and Marisiensis and UMPhST Logos from here , modify it in PowerPoint and export it to jpg with the resolution of 2160x3840 (PORTRAIT orientation)

    Assessment of your paper - Your paper will be assessed by a panel and the best posters will be awarded.

    During the presentation - In defense of a poster the time allowed for presentation shall not exceed 3 minutes + 2 minutes for questions asked by the panel.

    • Surgical - Medicine
    • Non-Surgical - Medicine
    • Pharmacy
    • Dental Medicine 

    Diploma requirements

    General Medicine:

  • 1 onsite workshop
  • 1 online live course
  • At least 1 pre-recorded course (which can be found in your participant account)
  • Dental Medicine:

  • 2 onsite workshops
  • 3 online/ hybrid live courses
  • Dental Technicians:

  • 1 on site workshop
  • 2 pre-recorded course (which can be found in your participant account)
  • Law:

  • 2 online workshops
  • 1 online lecture
  • Military Medicine

  • 2 onsite workshops
  • 2 pre-recorded courses (which can be found in your participant account)
  • Engineering:

  • 5 live courses
  • Pharmacy:

  • 2 workshops onsite
  • 2 live courses
  • All the validated and presented papers will be published in a supplement of Acta Medica Marisiensis, the official journal of the University of Medicine and Pharmacy Tirgu Mures, an B+ indexed journal – http://actamedicamarisiensis.ro/.

    For every participant, in order to receive his or her DIPLOMA  it’s mandatory to attend a minimum of 2 lectures and 1 workshop. This year our platform will display your diploma only in you personal account from your Marisiensis account. In order to get your digital diploma you must attend 2 lectures and 1 workshop and  complete the feedback form from our website. Only after this steps you will find your diplomas in the Diplomas Section. 

    The digital diplomas will be avaible for download 3 months from the end of the congress. After this, you will not be able to download them anymore. 

    The day and time will be announced on our website and Facebook Page in due time.
    In order to register, your account status must be PAID. This means that you must pay the participation fee and then verify the update of the payment status in your account before the registration for lectures opens. If there is any problem, please do not hesitate to contact us.
    A special tab will open in your account when the registration process starts.
    Any participants who do not register to lectures will be randomly distributed. 

    Only Active and Passive Participants can register to lectures.

    In the event that you need a visa, in order to attend our congress, you have to check the option “I need visa”, which can be find in the Registration Process. Please get informed in advance about the travelling conditions of your country regarding Romania.

    For any further information about visa, please contact our International Department – you can find on Organizing Committee Page.

    The Official Language of the Congress is ENGLISH. All of the papers must be submitted in ENGLISH, but they can be presented in both English and Romanian. 

    All participants can participate in the social program.

    Wednesday - Opening Ceremony + Cocktail Party
    Theme Party – Thursday and Friday
    Closing Ceremony – Saturday Evening
    Gala – Saturday Night

    For GALA PARTICIPATION, there is an extra tax. You can find our Fees in the Fees Page from our website.

    This year, you will be able pay for our congress in 3 different ways:

    1. Online with debit or credit card

    With our partner – EuPlatesc.ro – Instant Payment Confirmation, secured payment with 3-D Secure. Please be aware that when you choose online payment, you will be redirected to our online payment processor – EuPlatesc.ro. Our website and our organization will not retain any personal data from your credit card.

    If you agree to the "Online Debit/Credit Car" payment method, you need to fill out a form with information about your card on the secured payment processor page.

    Credit / debit card payments issued under Visa and MasterCard (Visa / Visa Electron and MasterCard / Maestro) is done through the "3-D Secure" system developed by organizations that provide online transactions at the same level of security as ATMs or physical environments at merchants.
    "3-D Secure" ensures first that no card-related information is transferred or stored, at no time, on the store's servers or on the payment processor's servers, being introduced directly into Visa and MasterCard systems.

    Important to know! - There are no charges for bank card payments!

    2. At the Students’ League of Tîrgu Mureș Headquarter – Nicolae Grigorescu street, no. 15A, Students` Hostel No. 2, Tîrgu Mures, Romania. You can only pay by cash here. The Payment Schedule will be posted on our website and Facebook Page. Instant Payment Confirmation.

    3. Bank Transfer -  Liga Studentilor din Tîrgu Mures, Banca Transilvania, CIF 12294600

    • For LEI: RO18 BTRL 0270 1205 P493 7700
    • For Euro: RO03 BTRL 0270 4205 P493 77XX

    Please specify the name you are paying for. If you choose to pay via bank account, the validation process will take 48 hours.

    Please pay attention at the bank payment! If you pay in our bank account, you must pay the bank fee that is charged. If you do not pay the bank fee, your payment will be invalidated. The bank fee is aprox. 4-5 lei

    Organizer of the event:

    The organizer of the event is Liga Studenților din Tîrgu Mureș, Str. Nicolae Grigorescu 15A, Caminul 2, Parter, Tîrgu Mureș, Romania. CUI 12294600, office@lstgm.ro.

    Please be aware once your payment is registered, you agree with the rules presented here, and the terms and conditions.

    Comissions for the 2019 Marisiensis edition:

  • Clinical - Medical:
    Professor Dr. Sanda Copotoiu MD PhD
    Professor Dr. Oana Mărginean MD PhD
    Professor Dr . Rodica Bălașa MD PhD
    Professor Dr. Teodora Benedek MD PhD
    Senior lecturer Dr. Monica Copotoiu MD PhD
    Associate Professor Dr. Manuela Cucerea MD PhD
  • Poster Non-Surgical:
    Assistant Prof Decean Luminita MD
    Associate Professor Dr. Bianca Grigorescu
    Lecturer Dr. Varga Andreea MD PhD
    Professor Dr. Ioan Țilea MD PhD
  • Poster Surgical:
    Assistant Prof. Dr. Coșarcă Cătălin MD PhD
    Assistant Prof. Dr. Eliza Russu MD PhD
    Senior Lecturer Brad Alexandru MD PhD
    Senior lecturer Dr. Marius Harpa MD PhD
  • Nutrition and Dietetics/ Physiotherapy/Physical Education/ Nursing and midwifery
    Senior Lecturer Dr. Claudiu Molnar MD PhD
    Professor Dr. Monica Tarcea MD PhD
    Professor Dr. Badau Dana PhD
    Assistant Prof. Dr. Graur Cristian PhD
  • Clinical - Surgical:
    Associate Professor Dr. Călin Molnar MD PhD
    Senior Lecturer Dr. Mureșan Adrian MD PhD
    Professor Dr. Tiberiu Bățagă MD PhD
  • Basic Medical Science:
    Professor Dr . Ovidiu S. Cotoi MD PhD
    Professor Dr. Simona Gurzu MD PhD
    Professor Dr. Serban Alina MD PhD
    Assistant Prof. Dr. Adrian Ivănescu MD PhD
  • In case you forgot to download your diploma, you can do it now from the following link 2020 Diplomas