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The Marisiensis experience

Dear participants,

In the light of the recent epidemiologic events, to minimalize the risk of transmission for COVID-19 and in order to comply with the public health norms implied by the CDC (Center of Disease and Control), we announce with great regret the postponement of the 24th edition of the International Scientific Congress for Students, Young Doctors and Pharmacists Marisiensis for the 21st-25th of October 2020. We have faith that the announced period will be safer and more appropriate for this type of event, thus it will present no risk for our participants.

We would also like to inform you that the submitted abstracts are still under revision and will be published if validated by the peer review committee. We will provide further information on this topic the following week.

Participants who have registered and paid the participation fee have the following possibilities:

• Those who want to attend the Congress at the specified date will keep their accounts in conformity with the acquired participation packake and won’t need to pay any additional taxes.

• Those who want to withdraw from the Congress will have to fill in the Refund Form, and the atached document

As future healthcare professionals we have a duty to prevent the transmission of this pandemic and to stay informed on its evolution in order to keep both ourselves and the people we interact with safe. We consider that the adopted measures are correct and we are sympathize with those struggling to prevent this disease.

We are sorry for the inconvenience and we hope to see you all in October!