Dental Medicine - Invited Lecturers



 - Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Dental Medicine, Cluj Napoca

- dental technician specialist with over 15 years of private practice

- Master in Micro and Nanotechnology and Doctorate in Materials Engineering

- manager and owner of WAU Dental Studio Cluj Napoca


Title: „Methods for transposing natural dental anatomy into wax-based constructions”


Dr. Nicolae Cazacu


2004 - Faculty of Dental Medicine, UMF Carol Davila Bucharest

2005-2009- Assistant Professor Oral Rehabilitation

2009 - Assistant Professor Public health

2009 -  together with dr. Constantin Cazacu published

Digging Guide, Ed. Carol Davila, the first practical guide

2009 Awarded at the University Book Fair

2011-2013 Secretary General of CMDR

IMI (Internal Market Information of the European Union) coordinator for dentists

2016 Doctor of Medical Sciences UMF Carol Davila Bucharest with the thesis "Considerations regarding the isolation of the operator field with dig in dental medicine"

7 articles

25 conferences at national and international congresses 1999 - 2016

78 hands-on courses and demonstration of digging isolation.

„Rubber dam isolation - from the first step to the exceptional”

Dr. Bogdan Blaj


"The Aesthetic Reconstruction of a Class IV Lesion - stratification by means of glass fibers "


Dr. Chemal Taner


Dr. Chemal Taner had Graduated the Faculty of Dental Medicine „Carol Davila” Bucharest ,Romania and the – Master in Periodonthics – Faculty of Dental Medicine “Gr. T. Popa” Iasi, Romania followed by gIDE (UCLA) master clinician implant program – drSaschaJovanovic (gIDE Institute) , and later on he got the PhD in implantology (Fixed and immediate rehabilitation of edentulous patient – Immediate loading and function) – “Carol Davila” University, Dental Medicine Faculty, Bucharest. He’s practice is limited to implant dentistry, but he is also an lecturer and clinical research for private companies in the dental industry such as Dentium, Bredent Medical and Sirona, international leader opinion for Euroteknika implant systems. He was the pioneer of an CBCT center in Constanta, and first dental television in Romania “DentalTv”. Currantly he owns two private practices” ImplantodentMedical ”, Constanta and Bucharest.


Dr. Chemal Taner - Surgical Aspects in Immediate, Fixed and Bone-Free Rehabilitation of Jaws with ADVANCED and DRAMATIC Atrophy ("TotalFix +" and "QuadZygoma" Techniques)

 Dr Dumitru Ovidiu    Surgical Aspects in Immediate Rehabilitation, Fixed and Without Bone Grafting of Jaws with Moderate Atrophy (Techniques "PteriFix" and "TotalFix")
 Dr Curt-Nazar Varol    

Prosthetic Aspects in Immediate Rehabilitation, Fixed and Without Bone Grafting of Atrophic Jaws

 Td. Lucian Dansorean    

„O nouă metosă în abordarea protezei scheletate” şi „Lucrări detaşabile pe telescoape”

"A New Approach to Skeletal Denture" and "Detachable Work on Telescopes"

I have been working for 25 years in Dental Technology.

My professional development in implantology and VITA ceramics increased in 1995, when I was invited to Germany by Prof. Dr. Gyula Takacs from Coburg. In the lab and together with the Technical Masters we have achieved exceptional training in the field.

Over the years we have formed a considerable number of dental technicians.

I also developed several techniques and technical concepts, some of which are already patented and lectured by me under the auspices of "Advanced Dental Techniques" where they are Authorized Formatter.

For about 10 years I collaborated with UMF Cluj, where, along with Conf. Dr. Horatiu Rotar, I contribute to the production of "Personalized maxillo-facial cranium implants".

Starting with 2017, VITA is an accredited Trainer supporting the Brend I followed from the beginning.