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Poster Session

Poster Session

Paper Subscription

First of all, you must know that only the Active Participants can submit a paper as FIRST AUTHOR. After the registration on our website, you must login on our platform to see all your details.

All Active Participants can submit one scientific paper included in the participation tax. Remember that for an additional paper you must pay an extra fee. Maximum of papers submitted by an Active Participant as First Author is 2 for our congress.

Every paper can have:

  • 1-4 Coauthors
  • 1-2 Coordinators 

For selecting your coauthors, all of them must be registered on our website as:

Active Participant – if they are participants in our congress.
Coauthor – if they do not participate in our congress– for this category of registration, there is no tax. But, if the coauthor wants to be awarded with a diploma, he or she must select during the registration process EXTRA DIPLOMA and it is subject to an additional fee. You can find all the fees in the Information Tab. 

For our congress as an Active Participant you can have:

  • 1 Paper as First Author + Maximum 3 Papers as Coauthor
  • 2 Papers as First Author + Maximum 2 Papers as Coauthor
  • 0 Papers as First Author + Maximum 4 Papers as Coauthor

As coauthor you can have a maximum of 4 papers. 

Structure of the paper:

The standard structure of the papers must contain:

  • Background
  • Objectives
  • Material and Method
  • Results
  • Conclusions
  • 3-5 Key Words


Remember that you can write a maximum of 300 words for your paper. Our platform will not let you to submit your abstract if it exceeds 300 words. Remember that only the structure elements of your paper are counted. 

Validation process of your paper:

Our congress offers two types of validation for your paper, in the following order:

Scientific Commission Review – a commission of doctors and teachers from our university will blind review your paper. Once the paper is reviewed, you will receive an e-mail in which you will find the status of your paper:

  • Accepted by the Scientific Commission – your paper is validated by the Scientific Commission and your paper will go to the next process.
  • Minor Revision – your paper must be revised and you have 24 hours since you have received the e-mail to do so, according to the reviewer comments found in the e-mail and resend it.
  • Rejected by the Scientific Commission – your paper has been rejected and it won’t go forward to the next step. You will find attached in the email the reason(s) why it was rejected.
    The plagiarism review – all the validated papers at the previous step must pass

The Plagiarism Detector Software provided by the University of Medicine and Pharmacy Tîrgu Mureș. ATTENTION! Any paper found as plagiarism will be rejected from the congress and we will notify not only the participant of this, but also and his or her university as well. For this step, you must verify our website – VALIDATED Papers Tab - so you can find that your paper was accepted for presentation and publication (Green Color) or not (Red Color).

If you want to have any further information, please contact the Scientific Department (Organizing Committee Page from our website).


Presentation Rules

During the submission of your paper, you can choose between ORAL PRESENTATION and POSTER PRESENTATION.

Important! Case presentations are eligible only for POSTER PRESENTATION.  


Poster Presentation:

Submission of the abstract - The abstract will be submitted in summary form, like any abstract submitted to the Congress. In the specifications field you will write “Poster Section”
Paper Theme - The paper can approach any theme accepted in the Congress, as in the case of those presented orally. Case presentation may also be approached as a theme for the paper.

Format of the poster - The poster must have A1 format with portrait orientation.
Assessment of your paper - Your paper will be assessed by a panel and the best posters will be awarded.
During the presentation - In defense of a poster the time allowed for presentation shall not exceed 3 minutes + 2 minutes for questions asked by the panel.

  • Surgical - Medicine
  • Non-Surgical - Medicine
  • Pharmacy
  • Dental Medicine


NOTE: The papers submitted for the "Pharmacy" section benefit from 2 extra minutes for the presentation, raising the total to 5 + 2 minutes.