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Pharmacy Workshops

„Project Management”
Assoc. prof. Corneliu Tanase, PhD
„The truth behind the soda”
Assoc. Prof. Mircea Croitoru, PhD
„Real-time drug effects demonstrated using a human”
Assoc. prof. Cosmin Moldovan, PhD
„Self confidence - your super power”
Simona Ciff
„How it's made: Rectal Rockets”
Assit. Paula Antonoaea, PhD
Assist. Drd. Robert Vlad
„Virtual mesotherapy. Elixir of youth”
Assoc. Prof. Nicoleta Todoran, PhD
Oana Silași, master's student
„The Analytical Challanges of Fixed Dose Combinations”
Lect. Alina Balint, PhD
Lect. Anca Cârje, PhD
Assist. Drd. Valentin Ion
„Time management”
„Woman's indispensable accessory. Natural lip balm”
Prof. Adriana Ciurba, Phd
Assis. Magdalena Bîrsan, PhD