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UMPhST Târgu Mureș

University of Medicine, Pharmacy, Sciences and Tehnology of Târgu Mureș

 An inspiring place

Situated on a hill that overlooks the city, an imposing building has a distinct impact on the lives of the citizens – The University of Medicine, Pharmacy, Sciences and Tehnology of Târgu Mureş one of Romania's Multicultural Universities, where the teaching is done in 3 languages, Romanian, Hungarian and English. The dendrological park that surrounds the University on all sides protects it from the monotony of the town as an island of greenery perfectly integrated to her role as a model of her disciples of Asclepius, determined to relieve human suffering and help others.

From the entrance, the overwhelming beauty of the place is perfectly complemented by the architectural harmony of the main building, where the daily bustle of students is the only one that disturbs this place.

Being considered, for a long time, a heritage of the city, the University offers a unique perspective on the place. Behind it, a well-attended botanical garden, that integrates the abundance of the surrounding vegetation, is a place for recreation, but also serves as the base material for students of the Faculty of Pharmacy, a unique advantage that sets it apart from other medical training centres in Romania. Hidden from the eyes of the passersby, the University laboratories (located in the main building as well as in the annex ones) are a surprising shift from the external beauty of the building that has the emblem of time, to the dynamic reality of the twenty-first century technology. The Integrated Dentistry Centre is a modern, practical place which impresses you with its beautiful and sober architecture, appropriate for the general appearance of the entire academic complex but also by the futuristic and cutting edge equipment, the dream of every aspiring dental student.

Outside, the herb garden (where the student has the possibility to study both aromatic plants, with their distinct scent, as well as the toxic ones, which remain however a priceless source of active ingredients) complements the landscape that seems a world removed from a story.

To all this, the vast Sports base is added-one of the most modern sports facilities in Romania, tennis courts and lighted football fields, a gym and the University Sports Club-which makes studentship at the University of Medicine and Pharmacy remain an unforgettable experience.

Since 1953, besides the Medical-Pharmaceutical Institute, the Botanical Garden is founded as the foundation of education for the Faculty of Pharmacy. The structure of UMPhST Târgu Mureș includes: university library, administrative service, technical service, homes and student cafeteria, Universitas Publishing and lithography.