Students League of Targu Mures


          The Students’ League of Targu-Mures is the representative organization of the University of Medicine and Pharmacy of Targu-Mures and one of the oldest in Romania, taking care of more than 5000 students. It is also renowned for its voluntary activities, being an active member of the community,having over 20 projects regarding public health, charity events, student mobilities, medical education and sports. Some of the most successful projects are the “0% Diabetes, 100% Health” Campaign, “Teddy Bear Hospital”, the Anti-AIDS Campaign, the Campaign against Cervical Cancer, the Students’ League Christmas Carol Choir, the “Medifun” Cultural-Artistic Festival, gathering over 700 students every year, the “Transmed” National Exchange Programme, IFMSA International exchange programmes, the “MassMedica” student magazine.




           Last but not least, probably our most cherished annual event is none other than the Marisiensis International Congress, now starting its 22nd edition. The Marisiensis International Congress arouses great interest in our University, being an opportunity to exchange information, attend innovative lectures and workshops, as well as a socializing event. Generations may change as the years go by, but the spirit, the love for innovation and the respect for our colleagues and friends always remain the same within our souls. If you want to take part of this remarkable exprience we are looking forward to meeting you in Targu-Mures between the 28th March to the 1rd of April 2018

Our board consists of:

Raluca Niculescu – President


Tel: 0746 980 110

Dalia Lavinia Dreptate – Vice President of Internal Affairs


Tel: 0745 389 271

Cristina Muntean–Vice-President of Foreign Affairs

Tel. 0741 035 305

Alexandru Dinu - Vice President of Finance


Tel: 0756 677 170

Iuliu Gabriel Cocuz -General Secretary


Tel: 0724 293 304


For more you can find us on: WEB