The universe of Tîrgu Mureş

         You are in Romania, in the heart of Transylvania, in the city of magnolias. A city that once visited will remain for ever in the memory of your heart, as an album not full of pictures but full of life itself. The alleys and parks in our city welcome you with flowers, which symbolize the love of the citizens for beauty.

        Extremely beautiful magnolias perfumes the central Place of Roses, impress the visitors with their color and elegance and gave the name “city of magnolias” to our city, a place where the guests always enjoy to return. Tirgu Mures is an old traditional academic city, having a mixed Romanian and Hungarian culture, with a touch of history present at every step.


        You will feel this touch if you allow it to walk you on its narrow streets where every corner whispers a story of the past. And when you got bored of the sobriety of the buildings, you can relax uphill, on Corneşti Plateau, which offers a great panorama of the city, or have a pleasant walk in the Zoo. Downhill, you can visit the recreational Weekend Complex located on a stream, the Mureş River, unique of its kind in South-Eastern Europe.

        Today Tîrgu Mureş promises something to each of us:

  1. Restaurants scattered all over the city centre are eager to demonstrate their professionalism in traditional Romanian and Hungarian culinary art
  2. The theatre, the philharmonic and the museums closely intertwine the cultures of the two nations
  3. The cathedrals and the ancient fortress are excellent places to get acquainted with history and spirituality
  4. Libraries shall be addressed to the heart and mind alike
  5. The parks delight your soul and guide your steps
  6. Up the hill lies, elegantly as it is, one of the most prestigious state institutions of higher education in Romania, with a unique multicultural and multilingual status, The University of Medicine and Pharmacy of Tîrgu Mureş, by which the city takes on a youthful vibration given by the thousands of students that hosts. Tîrgu Mureş, an essence of spirituality and intellectuality, will sprinkle the magic of your journey and will always remain a beautiful memory in your heart.