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Dean's word

We have become accustomed over time to associate the color and smell of spring with the information explosion that characterize a student congress. The XXII-nd edition of this event demonstrates that the University of Medicine and Pharmacy from Tîrgu Mureş has a tradition, young people being fully aware that the existence of successful careers is closely linked to a permanent anchoring in reality, to exploring the latest news in the field, to lifelong learning and finding new opportunities even where they do not seem to exist. We live in a time when information is essential, that is why I believe that participation in such meetings allows students to develop their communication skills, creative thinking, and critical spirit. Involvement of the students of the Faculty of Pharmacy in the scientific research activity has for many years become a reality that complements the image of Târgu-Mureş Pharmaceutical Education, giving it rigor, consistency and performance, while the interest shown by the pharmacist students for research, for their continuous improvement, is the guarantee of the professionalism they will demonstrate after graduation. Pharmacist students know that the most valuable talent that can promote them is knowledge, and the most valuable qualities they can cultivate from now on are value and constancy, progress and performance in the medical science. Good luck and success! Dean, prof.univ.dr. Daniela-Lucia Muntean



About the Faculty

The Faculty of Pharmacy of the University of Medicine and Pharmacy in Târgu Mureş was founded in 1948 with teaching in Hungarian, 14 years later implementing the Romanian-Hungarian bilingual education. At the Bachelor level, the faculty is based on two study programs:

    o Pharmacy - teaching in Romanian or Hungarian, duration of studies         being of 5 years

    o Medical cosmetics. Cosmetic product technology - teaching in                 Romanian, the duration of the studies being of 3 years.

Continuing studies in both specializations is ensured by master programs, doctoral studies, respectively postgraduate studies (residency, training courses). Within the Faculty of Pharmacy there are 3 masters programs, each with a duration of one year:

    o Quality of medicine, food and environment - Romanian language

    o Cosmetology and dermofarmacy - Romanian language

    o Medical Biotechnology - Hungarian language

Starting this year, students of the Faculty of Pharmacy have the chance to learn in a new and modern building. In the newest amphitheaters and laboratories of the Integrated Learning Educational Center, students will discover the beauty and the secrets of this noble and interesting profession. 





A great pharmacist should have excellent communication skills and be able to speak properly and use adequate terms even though it’s a doctor or just a patient who knows only the usual language. Also, a pharmacist  must be able to describe the prescriptions and give advices on what concerns drug administration, it’s dose and action, and most important to point out the importance of respecting the treatment.

 The “Pharmacist – Patient Communication” Contest  purpose is to simulate the interaction between pharmacist and patient and to help developing  the skills that every excellent pharmacist should have. Simple questions as “Why ?” “How?” “When?” “How much?” can come into a patient`s mind. The pharmacist must answer to those questions translating  his scientific knowledge  into a language that can be understood by the patient. Also, the pharmacist must earn the patient`s trust , understand his illness and make sure that every recommendation was completely taken. He must offer advices and have a respectful attitude towards his patient.

Students can choose whether to play a role as a pharmacist or a patient. The organizing committee will create  patient-pharmacist pairs and each of them must play their role as best as possible.

”The pharmacist”  will receive the drugs up to two hours before the competition


“Clinical Skills” Contest will challenge you to use your knowledge in pharmacology, biochemistry, pathology, physiology and pharmacotherapy in order to solve a clinical case. This represents the ideal way to combine and to apply everything you’ve learned during this years of studying..

This contest is addressed to students from final years and it’s purpose is to offer a clinical orientation even if they choose to practice on  the communitary pharmacy or the hospital pharmacy. They must discover the best solutions after they analyze the clinical cases, and  use all the knowledges they have gained.  

Three students/pharmacists will build a team and will receive a clinical case. It is forbidden to use materials and scientific books because  the main focus is  on the ability to make the connections in order to solve the case.

The key to success in this contest is the communication between team members and the ability to share their knowledge.