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Deans Word About Us  

Dean's word

Scientific research has been and remains a basic component of the educational-formative training undertaken by the University of Medicine, Pharmacy, Sciences and Technology of Târgu-Mureş. The permanence of the scientific research activity, materialized by the students’ annual participation in scientific sessions and its continuation with the master and doctoral studies, enhances the organizational culture of our university. 

An event, such as Marisiensis, is always meaningful: a joy of encounters, a certification of preoccupations, a certainty of the existence of creative intelligence, a crystallization of an optimistic future regarding progress. 

By its nature, our profession is science, and by the pharmacy students’ interest in science we have the guarantee of didactic rigor, of the scientific value and nobility of the universal dimension of the profession of pharmacist.

Moreover, we are happy to see that when students are given the opportunity to research, they receive this as a gift, not as a chore; this entitles us to hope for a future that will reconfirm the profession in all its aspects.

Success to all the participants!



Prof.univ.dr. Daniela-Lucia Muntean


About the Faculty

The Faculty of Pharmacy of the University of Medicine, Pharmacy, Sciences and Technology in Târgu Mureş was founded in 1948 with teaching in Hungarian, 14 years later implementing the Romanian-Hungarian bilingual education. At the Bachelor level, the faculty is based on two study programs:

o Pharmacy - teaching in Romanian or Hungarian, duration of studies being of 5 years

o Medical cosmetics. Cosmetic product technology - teaching in Romanian, the duration of the studies being of 3 years.

Continuing studies in both specializations is ensured by master programs, doctoral studies, respectively postgraduate studies (residency, training courses). Within the Faculty of Pharmacy there are 3 masters programs, each with a duration of one year:

o Quality of medicine, food and environment - Romanian language

o Cosmetology and dermofarmacy - Romanian language

o Medical Biotechnology - Hungarian language

Starting this year, students of the Faculty of Pharmacy have the chance to learn in a new and modern building. In the newest amphitheaters and laboratories of the Integrated Learning Educational Center, students will discover the beauty and the secrets of this noble and interesting profession.