Tîrgu Mures

The universe of Tîrgu Mureş

   You are in Romania, in the heart of Transylvania. Once visited, Tîrgu Mureş remains a signature in your life. A signature marked not on paper but one that marks your soul. No matter how much time you spend here, the city turns into a trunk of memories, even if dusty over the years, you will remember it fondly... it is an album not full of pictures but full of life itself. Tîrgu Mureş can be your morning coffee if you let yourself paced into this alert life style or that five o’clock “English tea” from if you allow it to present you its culture.

   If you got bored of the sobriety offered by the buildings, we invite you to relax on Corneşti Plateau, which offers a great panorama of the city, or a pleasant walk in the Zoo. Downhill, you can visit the recreational Weekend Complex located on a stream, the Mureş River, unique of its kind in South-Eastern Europe.

   Our city is careful to express its loyalty to what is beautiful as well as to the Romanian-Hungarian culture. You will be welcomed with a strong historical feeling if you allow it to walk you on its narrow medieval streets where every corner whispers a story of the past; the alleys and parks welcome you with flowers, which symbolize the love of the citizens for beauty and for the guests who come and always return here; it is a trend of civilization, of society, of common sense and responsibility.

   Today Tîrgu Mureş promises something to each of us; restaurants scattered all over the city centre are eager to demonstrate why the Romanians and Hungarians love culinary art; the theatre, the philharmonic and the museums closely intertwine the cultures of the two nations.

   The cathedrals and the ancient fortress are excellent places to get acquainted with history and spirituality; libraries shall be addressed to the heart and mind alike; the parks delight your soul and guide your steps; the love of man and life is found in the medical culture, culture that represents us everywhere in the world- a trophy won over time.

   Up the hill lies, elegantly as it is, one of the most prestigious state institutions of higher education in Romania with a multicultural and multilingual status, The University of Medicine and Pharmacy of Tîrgu Mureş, by which the city takes on a youthful vibration given by the thousands of students that hosts.

   Tîrgu Mureş, the essence of spirituality and intellectuality, will sprinkle the magic of your journey and will always remain a beautiful memory in your heart.


Tirgu Mures Municipality is a welcoming city, given the multicultural character generated by various cultures that live in symbiosis in the territory. The origin of the cultural diversity is an ancient one. The predominant populations are the Romanians and the Hungarians. Together with its peripheral area, it totalizes a population of about 215.000 inhabitants.







Tirgu Mures Municipality is attractive in terms of landscape, being the residence of a county where nearly one third of its area is covered by forest. Another defining natural element for Tirgu Mures is the Mures River, to which is connected the identity of the city itself, by the name it gives and by the crucial role it has played in shaping the current form of the city.






As noted above, the urban area of Tirgu Mures is the holder of a diverse architectural heritage, where the tourists can visit monuments dating from the medieval, Renaissance, Baroque, and in particularly the "Art Nouveau" period. These include the “Rose Square” urban complex which is considered a "emblem” of the city, being appropriated as such by the residents and visitors, the Medieval Fortress, the Theatre Square, the Palace of Culture, the City Hall’s " art nouveau”, the Royal Plate, etc.







The city has a tradition in providing leisure services, two of them being cherished by the locals and tourists: “Muresul” Recreational Complex called "Weekend" - a place for beach and bath, the Corneşti Plateau where, within a rich forest, is arranged a modern playground, the Zoo - the second in the country as size, bike tracks and hiking trails for running and walking through the forest.






In addition to the already mentioned recreational items, there is the Hippodrome for the equine tourism and the Romanian Aero-club providing optimal conditions for flights with lightweight devices (extreme sports).



The medical field

In the health care field, Tirgu Mures Municipality is a center of excellence not only in the county, but one recognized nationally and internationally by the quality and degree of specialization of medical care. The municipality has elite units equipped with performant devices and highly specialized medical staff, as follows: Mures County Clinical Emergency Hospital (unit of regional interest), Mobile Emergency Service for Resuscitation and Extrication (SMURD) Tirgu Mures - pre-hospital emergency care unit, which, at the time of its appearance, was a national pilot project, and the Institute of Cardiovascular Diseases and Transplantation Tirgu Mures, a unit of excellence which is directly subordinate to the Ministry of Health.

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