Meals and accommodation

 Where do you sleep and where do you eat?

Acomodation will be given at a four star Hotel in the heart of Tîrgu Mureș called the Grand Hotel  and yes this really is the hotel you will be acomodated in and the pictures are real. the breakfast is also served at this hotel... The meals that are not included in the social programs will be served at Dublin Irish Pub, that is located at 5 minutes walking distance from the University and 7 Minutes from the Hospital. All in all this meal and acomodation package will include 4 nights of acomodation(from Wednesday to Sunday) and three meals a day for the full congress days.

The cost of this package is

- 310 lei(70 Euros) and you will be acomodated in a two person room(There is the risk of having a colleague from a diferent city but the beds are separate and we have his/her Passport/Identity Card so do not worry about this); 

- 450 lei(100 Euros) and you will be acomodated in a single room;