Students League of Targu Mures

The Students’ League of Targu-Mures is the representative organization of the University of Medicine and Pharmacy of Targu-Mures, taking care of more than 5000 students. It is also renowned for its voluntary activities, having over 20 projects regarding public health, charity events, student mobilities, medical education and sports. Some of the most successful projects are the “0% Diabetes, 100% Health” Campaign, “Teddy Bear Hospital”, the Anti-AIDS Campaign, the Campaign against Cervical Cancer, the Students’ League Christmas Carol Choir, the “Medifun” Cultural-Artistic Festival, gathering over 700 students every year, the “Transmed” National Exchange Programme, IFMSA International exchange programmes, the “MassMedica” student magazine.

Last but not least, probably our most cherished annual event is none other than the Marisiensis International Congress, now starting its 18th edition. The Marisiensis International Congress arouses great interest in our University, being an opportunity to exchange information, attend innovative lectures and workshops, as well as a socializing event. Generations may change as the years go by, but the spirit, the love for innovation and the respect for our colleagues and friends always remain the same within our souls. We are looking forward to meeting you in Targu-Mures between the 7th and 11th of May 2014.

Here are a few of our volunteers’ personal experiences, shown in order for you to live a little bit of our enthusiasm: 



" Hey! I’m Cătălin and I am the president of the Student’s League. For me this organization has been a way to better myself, become a more organized person and it is my second family. Through the League you have the opportunity to do volunteer work of the highest level, to meet a lot of interesting people from different countries and cultures and last but not least it is a way to prepare yourself for all the transitions that take place in your life during the years you spend at the our university.

We have a great team here and it makes us a great pleasure to have you as a participant at our Scientific Event! " Cătălin Moise Dogar - General Medicine

"Hello! My name is Mihaela Ursache and I am a third year Dental Medicine student. I started my activity with the League of Students Targu-Mures from the very first year, eager to make new friends and participate in volunteering activities. As time passed, I gained experience regarding the organization, I have developed various skills and a sense of responsibility, and my group of friends has significantly expanded. Furthermore, The League has been a real support in helping me solve certain issues I have encountered as the (chosen) representative of my colleagues. I believe the League defends the interests of all students, and our direct involvement leads to an efficient resolution to any complaint or difficulty students may face within the University."  Mihaela Ursache - Dental Medicine


Hello ! My name is Andrei Petrut, coordinator of the Department of Projects from LSTGM. I am a second year student at the Dental Medicine University and I want to share with you my experience with LSTGM. Even from the beginning, I felt like I was part of a family, I was regarded with joy and I was offered the chance to take part in projects and activities that were held by this organisation. They saw a potential trainer in me and I haven’t disapppointed them, therefore, in December 2013, I became a trainer of LSTGM, one of the things I am particularly proud of. Moreover, by taking part in the organisation of The International Scientific Congress for Students, Young Doctors and Pharmacists, Marisiensis 2013, I could truly understand the meaning of such an event. To conclude, my whole activity with LSTGM has played an important role in forming my character, has helped me to become a better student and to understand what teamwork really means. Yours faithfully, Andrei Petrut. " Andrei Petrut - Dental Medicine

" Hello, I am Corina Maier and I am a second year Pharmacy student. The starting  week of my freshman year  was not over yet when, I heard older colleagues talking about this thing called ”La Liga”, and that it was highly recommended for me to join it. So I have to admit that my very first contact with the Students League of  Targu-Mures was out of sheer curiosity; I wanted to understand why all the students were so enthusiastic about this place. I started off by going to a meeting, and then to a second one, and then to all the others and so on, and now I cannot wait for every Tuesday night to come. In the Students League I received a warm welcome, and the friends I met there were a tremendous help in my transition to “student life”. I became interested in volunteering and found great pleasure in doing it, got involved in the organization of events and all sorts of other activities, which led me to develop new skills, and, more importantly, help shape my character. I learned that behind all successful stories stand teamwork, friendship and collaboration, and in the end I found myself in agreement with all of my colleagues who praised the importance of the League in a student`s life. I am certain that my place is here, with them, and I have now come to the conclusion that this is not just a group of people working together; for me, they are a family that gets bigger and bigger each year. Now I have become the person who encourages younger students to join us: “You have got to pass by the League. It`s a MUST,” hoping that all those who do so at least once, even just out of curiosity, will keep coming back, like all our current members. " Corina Maier - Pharmacy

" The Students' League is a lifeful place, almost sacred where people are constantly moving around and evolving.
Often you may think that everyday hardships from those around you or even the sistem indifference that you live in are to much to bare, that you need a refuge. Here, not only you find it, alas you are greeted with hot steaming coffee or, if you like, a good cup of tee in the company of the people that understand you and tell you not to waste your talents on vengeance, while also reminding you about your own value and how statistically significant that is as a UMFTgM student experience, as a LSTGM volunteer, as an organizer of volunteer campaigns, projects and so many other team activities.
In the end, it's just a meeting place for lovers of medicine, of pharmacy and dentistry, where there is no time to lose, only time to gain
unforgettable memories. " Nicolae Golovei Petriș- General Medicine