The Marisiensis experience

 "What a privilege it is to be a part of such an amazing organization in 2012 and 2013, filled with such amazing people! I know how challenging it is running a Medical Congress and appreciate the enormous effort put in by the organizers.   

I have received the greatest benefit of anything I can imagine from my participation and winning twice in each year, respectively.  I cannot imagine any possible way to truly express my gratitude for having that now and what I have to look forward to seeing what comes in the in the upcoming Marisiensis 2014. Cheers! "  - Sivanand Siveetharan, Medical Doctor

" Marisiensis – an unbelievable experience! The Scientific Congress of Medicine Marisiensis has had a colossal impact on me, from a scientific, educational and cultural point of view. Attending the scientific meetings, I have only gained a lot of things, such as: experience, critical, but sincere and constructive opinions from the teachers and the colleagues, valuable knowledge and beautiful friendships! You cannot genuinely feel the life of a medical student if you do not attend a Scientific Congress for Students at least once! "  Fistic Daniela - Internal Medicine Resident 

" It is a pleasure and an honor for me to review and give a few words regarding the Marisiensis Medical Congress.As a veteran to Medical Congresses here in Romania, I would have to give my highest regards and praises to the team that organized it in Tirgu Mures.

Marisiensis has always been able to outdo itself every year and their last congress was by far as good as it gets.As the events are well organized, and the organizing committee always being there to provide support, regardless of any technical difficulty to just basic inquiries, EVEN after the congress has concluded.

They have a very prompt and effective support group. The Medical congress was conducted professionally, with good plans, timing and also with a very good line of guest lecturers from the Medical Faculty of Tirgu Mures itself.

This congress has been able to attract attention of students from not only its fellow romanian students but also students from the international arena. As much as its sights, fellow Medical colleagues from Italy, Israel, Malaysia, China and India among those present each consecutive year.

This Congress in my Opinion is by far, the best organized congress in terms of, science, organization, social programs, and technical support group. A Very big Congratulation to its committee and may Marisiensis continue in its endeavour to strive to its perfected state! "- Marcus Jee Poh Hock, Medical Student.

"If I`m not mistaken, my involvement in the organization of Marisiensis was perhaps the first truly ample volunteering activity I carried out with the Students’ League. It was both hard and beautiful. I met people and professors, made new friends, gathered both medical and non-medical knowledge, and had an inside look at how things should come about at a future participation at the congress. In the following years I advanced in the organizational hierarchy of the event, being in charge of the social program, the presentation, sponsorship and others. However, people shouldn`t be left with the false impression that everything goes like clockwork. Maybe that is exactly what the main benefit of being involved in the coordination of such vast proceedings is. You are always faced with the unexpected, and you are forced to overcome whatever stands in your way, and finish off what you set up to do, with the best outcome possible. I urge you to take part in the Martisiensis, in any way you choose, as contestants or organizers, because this can be a launch pad and a useful exercise for the future scientific and academic activity you`ll have to do in your careers. Try now, as the options are limitless." Ferțu Elena,  Military Medicine


"I think every medicine or pharmacy student should take part at least once in the Marsiensis Medical Congress. It has been a pleasure to take part in it every time, and I have been coming back every year, for 6 years now. It`s an amazing event, organised in such a way that the science, education and social programs are very well balanced, with great guest lecturers and scientific content.

Besides the papers presentation, many lectureres from the Medicine Faculty of Tirgu Mures and from other Romanian or foregin Universities ar invited to speak. It is an oportunity to meet a lot of new people, professors, make a lot of friends and gather a lot of knowledge.                               

Taking part in Marisienis I got to know the people in the Tirgu Mures University of Medicine and Pharmacy, I got to see this University and it was one of the main reasons I took my residency in Tirgu Mures, even though I was living 600 km away.

I can hardly wait for this year`s Marisiensis Medical Congress and everything that it brings along! It`s a truly amazing experience." Bechir Edwin Sever, Periodontology Resident

"I would like to start by saying that Marisiensis is definitely THE medical congress you want to attend! Whether you are a medical student, young doctor or a pharmacist , this event will offer you a great opportunity to improve your medical knowledge , to expand your horizons and to make a lot of friends ( I sure did!).

Inspiring presentations, educational workshops, a broad spectrum of information concerning studies carried out by young professionals together with students and all of these taking place in a friendly environment, this is how I would describe this congress!

Participants are able to meet new people and share their points of view on different topics, get new ideas for the future and last but not least enjoy the social program that was put together by the organizing committee with great care! I for one had a wonderful time during my stay in Tirgu Mures and I strongly recommend everyone to go and check it out! " Renata Budan, UMF Cluj