UMF Tg-Mures

University of Medicine and Pharmacy Tg-Mures

UMF Tg Mures

The University of Medicine and Pharmacy from Tirgu-Mures as the academic institution accessible to all Romanians and foreign offers training at a center of excellence through its mission and dedicated by name and reputation of the University.

In their own development and future scientific research and educational component have been and are dominant in the preparation of physicians, dentists, pharmacists, midwives, nurses being the pivot University, methodological and practical aspect of medical care peak in the region.

Structural and quantitative increases in all these years have been the effect of the strategies meant to maintain the balance between the four components of the institution: students, staff, space and facilities for education and research, social services and medical practice.

The medical education in Targu-Mures began in 1945 in the suborder of the Faculty of Medicine Bolyai University from Cluj. According to the 407/1945 Decree- philosophy, law, economics and natural sciences have started in Cluj, Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy was moved to Targu Mures, where it functioned from1945 to 1948.

In 1948, after the reform of education, is founded Medico-Pharmaceutical Institute, an institution by itself, with the following faculties: general medicine, pediatrics, hygiene, Dental Medicine and pharmacy. Between 1951 and 1958 it had three faculties: general medicine, pediatrics and pharmacy. In 1958-1959 the faculty of paediatrics turns into a department , and from 1960-l961 the department of Dental Medicine starts working again, which is converted in a faculty during the academic year 1965-1966.

The Faculty of Pharmacy stopped its activity between 1986 and 1990. In1991 the Institute was given the name of the University of Medicine and Pharmacy.

By Order of the Minister of Education Decree 800/1965 and IMF Targu.Mures gets the title of Doctor in Medicine (7teachers are appointed leaders of doctoral scientists).

Currently, U.M.F. Tg.Mures activates with these faculty with long-or short-term studies:

Faculty of Medicine:

  • medical specialization - 6 years
  • English department medical specialization - 6 years
  • medical specialization (military) - 6 years
  • midwives specialization - 4 years
  • nurses specialization - 3 years
  • Physio-kinetic therapy specialization- 3 years
  • nutrition and dietary specialization - 3 years
  • physical education and sports specialization - 3 years

Faculty of Dental Medicine:

  • dental specialization - 6 years
  • dental technical specialization - 3 years
  • dental care specialization - 3 years

Faculty of Pharmacy

  • Pharmacy - 5 years
  • technical pharmacy specialization - 3 years

Since 1953, besides the Medical-Pharmaceutical Institute, the Botanical Garden is founded as the foundation of education for the Faculty of Pharmacy. The structure of U.M.F. Targu-Mures includes: university library, administrative service, technical service, homes and student cafeteria, Universitas Publishing and lithography.

Prof. dr. Dr. Constantin Copotoiu
Rector of the University of Medicine and Pharmacy Targu-Mures