Students' League Tg-Mures

The main goal of the our Student League is to fight for respecting the essential, material and intellectual potential of students, ensuring the active participation to effective leadership in the self-sufficiency of institutionalized education.

It aims to cultivate the scientific, historical, cultural, professional values ,the professional affirmation of students , promoting competitiveness, professional competence, based on ethical principles, morality, equality, balance and proportionality.

LSTGM gained legal status on 1 March 1990, from then on, it has managed to establish itself among the students through the many and diversified activities .

As an association that represents students in a relation to our university, we have numerous aims and goals, among them are: to promote, defend and cultivate the professional, social, cultural and economical values of students; to integrate the Romanian educational system into the European one; to promote and implement programs, projects in asociation with othe associations so that we can facilitate student exchanges among universities, and others.

The image of our organization wants to be the reflection of students from UMF, Tirgu Mures.