Marisiensis Congress

The Students League from the University of Medicine and Pharmacy Targu Mures organized the first edition of the National Congress for students, young doctors and pharmacists in 1995.

During this time the event has become a tradition of Romanian medical comunity.

Participants will present their scientific papers during three days ,from the 28th of March to the 1st of April,in the halls of the University of Medicine and Pharmacy Targu-Mures and Targu-Mures County Hospital.

The papers will be judged by committees composed of respected professors of the Romanian medical community and they are going to award prizes and diplomas to the participants.

The papers will be presented in the following sections:

General Medicine

  •     Preclinical
  •     Clinical - Medical
  •     Clinical - Surgical
  •     Nutrition and Dietetics
  •     Physiotherapy
  •     Physical Education
  •     Nurses and midwives
  •     Dental Medicine
  •     Preclinical
  •     Clinical

Methods of presentation:

  •     PowerPoint Presentation- version 97-2003

The Congress is meant for students and young doctors. The abstracts and presentations must be writen and sustained in English *.